What's so SIRI-ous about iPhone 4S?

 Though the iPhone 4S was disappointing to thousands of fans expecting the iPhone 5, it has some breathtaking features built into it. You can find the list of specs here - Apple introduces iPhone 4S. Everyone is talking about Siri on this machine, and to anyone who has no idea of what it is - read more about it here.
 Awesome right? Well, here is the official demo for the Siri.

Looks fancy and too good to be true? Well, its seems Apple has put serious things into it. This might be the future of mobiles, with such intelligent systems, it could be your next best friend!(Challenge to Facebook? Ahem!) Let's take a look into a real time video of Siri. Check this out, its really good!

WOW! Now that Siri-ously blew me off! You can talk to a gadget the way you talk to your friends to get things done! Hats off to Apple for bringing in such a great piece of work. Siri is still in Beta, and is definitely expected to improve. Let's wait and see how the future evolves around an Apple!

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