What's happening to Kerala Film Audience? Santhosh Pandit?

Read this - Santhosh Pandit tops charts at Virteacon too!
 Santhosh Pandit seems to be the next big thing in Malayalam Film industry nowadays. Who is he? To the unknown, I would say he is the Justin Bieber of Kerala - and I should say even a 1000 time worse. And apparently, such people get more attention that really good ones. Pity that they get the attention, but does it mean to grab attention - people would do anything? And the audience would accept such atrocities. Take a look at the following album(whether you understand the language or not, doesn't really matter), and you'll know what this guy is capable of.

Surprisingly, there are tons of videos of Santhosh Pandit up in Youtube, some of them have thousands of views. Definitely Adsense would be providing a lot of shillings into those accounts. But its really pathetic that such artwork(or should I say Dirty work?) gets popular in Internet. And to go to the next level, this guy's movie Krishnanum Radhayum was released recently. And the Viewers, have been acting funny to its launch. Take a look at the Promo Trailer first(God! Its seriously funny!)

And now, take a look at how people look forward to the movie release.

What's happening guys? Have people gone so low hearted to appreciate such piece of crap? Share your views.

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