Santhosh Pandit tops charts at Virteacon too!

 Guess people in Kerala are going wild over Santhosh Pandit, hope the release of movies Ra.One, Velayudham and Ezham Arivu stalls the attention. Even though Ra.One reviews don't read so good, I believe it would get the money it deserved atleast.
 Couple of days back, I had published a post - What's happening to Kerala Film Audience? Santhosh Pandit?. Apparently its been topping my stats since then. Take a look of my Weekly stats

851 views in 4 days! Now that's something my posts rarely get on an off topic. There is more to this, check out the keywords that lead to this post.
Actually I even saw a keyword that looked like this - How does Santhosh Pandit make movie. It's not shown up in this stats. Come on, do we need to publicize a person who literally looks out of his mind? Just take a look at his interviews done in We channel below. I'm disappointed on We that they gave him such an opportunity.  And phew! Congrats on the patience of the anchors.

Any comments?

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