Ra.One Review

 Ra.One(aka Random Access One), that has been the talk of the week. With Diwali firecrackers, launched the firecrackers of Ra.One. Oh sorry, guess I should say those crackers were launched long back, it found its target on Diwali. Promo something SRK has overdone for this movie. And if you ask me how good the movie is, I would say the only negative in it is -Promo.

 A typical video game scenario. Mr. Shekar(Shahrukh Khan), is a game designer and a big joke for his son. This character reminds me of Gangadhar(of Shaktiman, aka Gangadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri), the cover of the real superhero. His son asks to create a game in which the Villain is more powerful - or the Villain is kick-ass! So does he, and the game promo becomes a huge event. Not until he realizes that Ra.One, the Villain who can evolve by itself has come out of the game to chase Lucifer(Pratheek, Shahrukh's son's game name). And why chase him? Because he was the only one who beat Ra.One in Level one, and no one beats Ra.One. Ra.One wastes no time in killing Shekar(which was quite a surprise) Pratheek soon realizes the only way to defeat Ra.One is to bring in G.One(The Good One) to life. And hence starts the battle. Before the end battle, G.One mingles with the family, to give some emotional moments.

 The movie is a huge step for Bollywood, and I should say, contrary to the reviews the movie is a good one. The graphic works have been pretty decent, now don't compare this movie with Hollywood movies. Actions, concepts, have been good. Songs rocked obviously, and the movie all in all was a huge entertainer.

 If anything has set back the movie, it is the Promo(my say). The Promo was overdone, with the song playing a 100 times everyday on televisions, and Ra.One hitting a few ads, Akon with his voice, and SRK's acts in various Television shows. The next negative thing I should say is the non-continuity in a few scenes, it seemed liked certain shots had a starting and ending, without a flow into the next scene.
 Then ofcourse this movie had concepts from various popular movies and comics. I would quote down a few.
  • Mr. Shekar - Gangadhar(Shaktiman)
  • Mr. Bean    -  The act with the Beetle!
  • Terminator  - The scene were Ra.One comes up after being rippled to pieces
  • Spiderman  -  The Train scene, and the climax of making a choice between Pratheek, or Jenny(Kareena). This choice did not matter much in this movie though.
  • Enthiran      -  Chiti, ofcourse  
  • Mr. Nice Guy - Jackie Chan's famous humor scene where he blocks the Heroine with hand on Chest
  • Iron Man    -  The HART(Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter)
  • Transformers - The whole cube thingy
  • Matrix        -   Akasi, he looks really good too!
  • Speed        -   Train crashing into the station?
  • Om Shanti Om - Reincarnation(sort of) as suggested by Aakash Urvesh
  • I don't remember in which movie I saw the scene where the guy uses his skills to fight using the girl(Jackie/Jet Li?).
I bet there are more to this list. Care to share? Leave a comment!

 The movie is good, really good. I would rate an 8/10 for the entertainer.