[Poll] Blogger's Corner - How often do you check your stats?

 I've been blogging for close to a year now, and quite addicted to it. If you are a blogger, you would know that the Blog Stats can glue you to the screen far more than Facebook. To all others, bloggers and site owners are quite frantic about the views their content get. They ponder on the viewers stats, which includes the country, platform, which post etc.
Now why do people do that? Sheer anxiety? Or maybe you can say its to know how well your content is being spread/read. That's what counts for a blogger eh?
For example my Blog stats for today(21st Oct 2011) would look something like this.

 Bloggers are quite addicted to this. And to be frank, I would be one of the most addicted. Whenever I get internet access, I get glued to it more than anything - even Facebook. Every minute(or even every second), I hit the refresh button on this page to know if I have got some extra views, from where, and on what. I believe it would be for the millions of bloggers out there too - or is it? Well to know the truth, here I'm putting up a Poll. Bloggers - please spare a moment to hit the button, so that I can realize whether I'm getting lame.

How often do you check/refresh your Blog Stats?
Don't consider it as only checking the blog stats, it can be checking your adsense/earnings accounts too.

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