In Memory of Steve Jobs, apple are Giving Away 1000 iPad 2's - Facebook Scam

 Again, spammers take advantage of situations, however sick it is. This one is adding to the list of very few Spams I have posted on. Steve Jobs death is the recent hot news, and Scammers won't let him rest in peace either. A spam message has been spreading out in Facebook, in fact there is an event up for it as well.
Clearly a scam, NO ONE is giving out free stuff for a great man's death. Please give a thought before spreading such stuff. Here are the pages you get into on clicking the links.

On clicking the link provided, the message gets posted onto your friends wall, and thus spreading a spam. YOU are the reason for spreading such a sick spam. Please do NOT click those links. The links on this page leads to multiple places. A site called shows the following page.

But I was redirected to the below shown page.

This clearly shows that there are multiple sources to the scam, but the aim and damage done is same. Next time you see such a message spreading - make sure you click on the 'X' at the right top, and mark it as Spam.

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