Four alternatives to access Facebook chat

 Facebook has some how integrated with your browsing nowadays. Everything you do is co-related to Facebook. I was even wondering when Facebook would overtake the Search world. However, with Google trying to snap its hands on Yahoo! that would be a bit difficult.
 We all use Facebook chat, but ever thought if it could be used via a messenger or some independent platform? Well, here are a few suggestions.

This is not exactly a standalone messenger or software. Its a customized version of Google Chrome - exclusively for Facebook users. Everything in this browser revolves around Facebook, search, sharing, sidebar apps. It has also Facebook Chat integrated with it. Which is quite useful too. I'll be concentrating on the Chat section here, for the rest you can read this -- Rockmelt - the Next Gen Social Web Browser

 The chat sidebar is integrated onto this browser, which would look like this
As you see, using the sidebar you can search friends, favorite your friends. You can also select the sidebar to be compact, which hides the names of your friends(giving icons only). The best advantage of this app is that you don't need to be on Facebook window to chat, you can chat on any window. This makes Chatting more versatile. And to add, it hides the Facebook Sidebar!

Yahoo! Messenger
Many of us would be familiar with Yahoo! Messenger, and if you are using it, then you would know that it comes with Facebook integrated now. This becomes more powerful as Facebook is integrated to the ever familiar Messenger.

Nothing changes here, its like you bring Facebook to Yahoo! You talk like as if your using Yahoo! chat, everything is the same.

Now this is something new. A messenger exclusively for Facebook - without any other platforms bugging you around. The app is not extravagant neither does it have tons of features. Its the most basic simulation(if I can use that word) of Facebook chat. It has all the basic features, and it works well as a Desktop app. So if you do not want any other to bug you(except Facebook), this should be your pick! It would look something like this.

Another point to be noted, this app does not have separate windows. Friends appear as tabs, which is more comfortable to use and looks clean. Worth a shot!

This is not exactly a desktop app, rather a mobile app. And a very useful one too. Nimbuzz helps us to bring all the chat platforms, and twitter, under a single roof. Its really easy to use too.
This app allows integrating of Yahoo!, Facebook, Gmail etc. Nimbuzz also has tons of other features around. Feel free to explore.

I'm sure there are tons more apps around there. And particularly Windows Live(Had to mention it or else my friend Gibu would kill me!), which apparently I've never used till date. Hope this helps, and if you like it, share it!

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