Fifa 12 -- PC

 And here it is once again, another FIFA franchisee which seldom disappoints hardcore fans. Release on September 30,2011, this game promises a lot of fun. Casual gamers might not find lot of differences between FIFA 11 and FIFA 12, but there are lots of hidden twists and tweaks done to make the game look beautiful.

What's New?
 To begin with, EA Sports have been playing around with the menu buttons since FIFA 11, and they have done a pretty good job here too. With short motions of Kaka doing a variety of trick moves, its fun to simply explore the menus. If you have begun with the game, you might have noticed the focus of change in the game. Its Defense. Defense has become more tactical and precise in this game. You no longer can easily dispossess your opponent and run through, it requires precise motions and containment now. A pretty good tutorial in integrated into the game, which won't be difficult to follow.
 The biggest headache in FIFA 11 was the control configuration, which has been resolved in this version. You can now customize your controls in Game Settings according to your wish. And then if you explore the Game Settings, you can find out certain new parameters in there as well. Some of them are

  • Select Referee
  • Handball On/Off
  • Net Density
  • Ground Pattern
  • Ground Wear etc.
Lots of minute details added up to the game, which adds to a single entity - Realism.
The opponent AI has improved drastically, you no longer can hope to defend easily at the back. They will dribble, pass and cut extravagantly. Marking has also improved a lot, which makes attackers work for a goal - not easy.
A few in game cut scenes have been added up, like injury Drop Ball etc. You can also see a set of skills to be used in the Button Help menu, which makes playing the game in style easier.
This game adds to the realism of Football, and definitely not an easy one to crack. If you were a master of FIFA 11, then playing in Professional difficulty would definitely result in a 3-0 loss. I recommend to begin with Semi-Pro, slowly understand the mechanics and tactics, then get up to the ladder.
Manager mode has certain additions as well. Players will ask for rest, or a chance in the first team - which in turn would effect their Morale. The Transfer management system also has quite a few interesting changes.

I've been playing Fifa 12 for a while, and now I have completed my first season in Career mode. From my favorites Manchester United, I decided to switch to Barcelona. I had mastered the game at Manchester United, but that game skill was of no use when I was playing as Barcelona. The whole style shifted, the game was no longer cross and shoot, or dribble and scorch. You had to make close passes, quick ones, and dribble a lot more. I lost consecutively in the beginning matches,  but have begun loving the new skills. Now this is definitely new, styles never mattered much in the previous version, but here definitely the English and Spanish styles are portrayed well.

What's Old?
Its still a game a Football! I should say that's the only old thing. Others have been tweaked here and there, making die hard fans something new to enjoy.

Now getting on to how the game looks. The graphics and sound effects is simply awesome and the best Fifa has ever provided. The soundtracks are also good. EA sports has worked well on the stability of the Menus. Finally I would like to put a note on how it worked on my laptop the HP Pavilion dv6000 with specs

  • Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 @2.00 GHz
  • 3.00 GB Ram
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard(64 bit) edition
  • NVIDIA Gefore 8400M GS - 1518 MB(256 Dedicated)
  • 150 GB Hard Disk
Fifa 12 does not work that well on this laptop. With settings to min and resolution lowered down to 800x600, the game gets playable. This game need a really good fps to be enjoyable. Playing Fifa 12 on an HP dv6000 is not recommended.
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