Dinosaur at my School!

 Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kanhangad - a school I kick started my education in India. Lots of memories hung up there, beautiful ones. It was just another weekend, I was spending my time at school for some reason. There was a Cricket match going on, and some serious contenders. I was watching the match up from the first floor, nice view.
  The game started well, it was nice to see people dressed in blue and white, with proper cricket gears(hard to find in schools). The gallery(first floor) was sparsely occupied, and I was utilizing the luxury of it. But then suddenly the floor began thumping, and the building began shaking. Fearful of the earthquakes in Sikkim, I concluded it was an earthquake - OMG! An Earthquake hit me! Panic prickled my body, and the players in the ground started glaringly staring at what was going on.

  But then the thumping began rhythmic, like some machine was bumping on the road(except it was a huuge machine). Was hoping it to be one, and was relieved to have that belief. Breaking the sigh of relief, a huge dark cloud began emerging from the horizon. Alien attack? Independence Day - the movie. I loved the scenes when the huge UFO covered on the skies, giving a wonderful view from down earth. But the views in the latter of the movie gave me a stroke of reality.
  The dark cloud started emerging closer, and the closer it came, the sharper image it put on my heart. Dang, a voice at the high frequency screeched the drums of my ear. God - it is a UFO that roars! With time ticking, I realized it was not Independence Day, its Jurassic Park!!! Yes, it was a Dinosaur, as huge as the whole school building(not really huge, but still huge). Recalling the sequences in the movie, I found out it was time to Run! But I couldn't, the best I could do was hide in the closest classrooms. '
  Somehow, whichever class I entered into, the Dinosaur traced me down, as if it could scent me. I cursed my scent at that moment. That was when we heard choppers skimming over us. I tried to show signals to them for help, but the help they meant was landing in the war-zone and rescuing us - which turned out to be a very bad idea(Movie sequences explains it all - never land a Heli in a war-zone!). But for the moment, the Dino turned its attention towards the heli, and I tried to escape. For some stupid reason, I was trying to run upstairs. To my surprise, gaping with razor sharp jumbo teeth, the Dino was waiting there for me.
  The world started spinning, darkness seemed to fill my head. I could hear the mere squeaking, which seemed like my bones cracking. It was getting cold and I covered myself in my blanket. Wait - Blanket? Where did that come from? Gosh - Another stupid dream.
  And for every Dino lover out there - you must play this game, its simply awesome ! - Jurassic Park - The Game

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