Amidst the giant wars, Yahoo! loses its place - Yahoo! for sale!

 Facebook and Google, that's the only things happening in Internet nowadays. Facebook, with a lot of new additional features, is looking all set to be unrivaled in the industry. But Google won't let them do it easily either. In all other fields too Google and other giants have a war. Amidst all these, there is something that have disappeared its charisma. Yes, its Yahoo! - one of the best in the yester years.
 Yahoo! was one of my favorites a few years ago. I believe Yahoo! was the first one to provide customized home pages to its users. And definitely its mail services were one of the best. Yahoo! was also once the main competitor for Google in search engine world, which apparently does not look to exist. Anyways, Yahoo! has been on news recently - for all wrong reasons. The CEO Carol Bartz was fired recently, for not keeping up in the market. Followed by a tag on Yahoo! - For Sale.

 So who's bidding for Yahoo!? - Microsoft and Alibaba are the top contenders. You can read more about this issue over here Yahoo sale rumors swirl again: Who might buy, and why?. All these gives us a clear indication that without proper leadership, no IT company is going to survive.

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