Ra.One Review

 Ra.One(aka Random Access One), that has been the talk of the week. With Diwali firecrackers, launched the firecrackers of Ra.One. Oh sorry, guess I should say those crackers were launched long back, it found its target on Diwali. Promo something SRK has overdone for this movie. And if you ask me how good the movie is, I would say the only negative in it is -Promo.

 A typical video game scenario. Mr. Shekar(Shahrukh Khan), is a game designer and a big joke for his son. This character reminds me of Gangadhar(of Shaktiman, aka Gangadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri), the cover of the real superhero. His son asks to create a game in which the Villain is more powerful - or the Villain is kick-ass! So does he, and the game promo becomes a huge event. Not until he realizes that Ra.One, the Villain who can evolve by itself has come out of the game to chase Lucifer(Pratheek, Shahrukh's son's game name). And why chase him? Because he was the only one who beat Ra.One in Level one, and no one beats Ra.One. Ra.One wastes no time in killing Shekar(which was quite a surprise) Pratheek soon realizes the only way to defeat Ra.One is to bring in G.One(The Good One) to life. And hence starts the battle. Before the end battle, G.One mingles with the family, to give some emotional moments.

BSNL site hacked by Pakistani Hacker "KhantastiC haX0r"

 I never had a good feeling about the BSNL sites, it always looked crappy and ill protected. And here it happens, the site has been hacked by a Pakistani Hacker who calls himself/themselves "KhantastiC haX0r". Thanks to Mukul Balodhi for sharing this on Facebook. Here is how the page http://bsnl.co.in/tender1/(Now down) looks. The hack extensively looks like an attack towards the Indian community, does not look good. This is what the Hacker had to say.

Hax3d By KhantastiC haX0r 
-[ Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.- India's No. 1 Telecommunications Company ]-  

Hacked =P ??  
[!] By KhantastiC HaXor!! 
# Khan@bt ~ HellO GayHind PeoPle , Where is Security Now ?!
Are U Hacked ? Yesh ! U have been Hacked !!! not because of your stupidity thats because some Indian Gays hacked our Paki sites ! 
so just here to warn you, that you have been pwnd by Pakistani hacker This is not a joke or dream, this is fucking reality, kids. 
This is now just a warning !! 
Deleted Every Database !! Muwah <3 .... Backup in my P0cket =p ohh i means in ma Flash Drive =D 

Hate me - Fear me - Despise me  

rm -rf /planet/world/earth/india 
echo "The world is a better place now!" 
Hey Admin: sorry, just logs and database deleted 

L0v3 tO :- all Muslims 

Windows XP turns 10, still rocking!

 I still remember the days when I got my first PC, it was 8 years ago(yeah, I know it was too late! But my parents never let me own one!). Back then my soul purpose of owning a PC was to play Grand Theft Auto 2. Awesome game it was back then, and I do remember how excited I was to get hands on Grand Theft Auto 3. The first Operating System installed in my rig was Windows 98, considered to be the most stable one back then(and it was for quite a long)

 But then we had a popular trend, having dual Operating Systems - Windows 98 and Windows XP. So I put in Windows XP, and it looked really good(compared to retro looking Windows 98). That combo stayed for a while, and I believe I had it till 2007! Then I threw out Windows 98 and Windows XP was the lone ruler. Then came Windows Vista, with deceptive looks - it was a utter failure. My desktop kept running Windows XP.

Santhosh Pandit tops charts at Virteacon too!

 Guess people in Kerala are going wild over Santhosh Pandit, hope the release of movies Ra.One, Velayudham and Ezham Arivu stalls the attention. Even though Ra.One reviews don't read so good, I believe it would get the money it deserved atleast.
 Couple of days back, I had published a post - What's happening to Kerala Film Audience? Santhosh Pandit?. Apparently its been topping my stats since then. Take a look of my Weekly stats

Anonymous brings down Child Pornography, now they Good?

 Anonymous, a group of hackers running down the spine of hundreds of organisations. Beginning with the take-down of PSN Network, the group has claimed a lot of illustrious actions. These also include hacking mails of Government officers, and the popular warning of "Operation Facebook". According to Operation Facebook, Facebook will be destroyed on November 5. We'll have to wait and see the credibility of the claim.
 But apparently Anonymous has turned to get some public appreciation. They revamped their Enemy Number One as Freedom Hosting a Hosting service infamous for Child Pornography. Here is what Anonymous had to say.
"By taking down Freedom Hosting, we are eliminating 40+ child pornography websites, among these is Lolita City, one of the largest child pornography websites to date containing more than 100GB of child pornography” - Anonymous
 Definitely a work to be appreciated. As Blogger Weston McCready says,
Where the government fails, leave it to a group of hackers to succeed

Four alternatives to access Facebook chat

 Facebook has some how integrated with your browsing nowadays. Everything you do is co-related to Facebook. I was even wondering when Facebook would overtake the Search world. However, with Google trying to snap its hands on Yahoo! that would be a bit difficult.
 We all use Facebook chat, but ever thought if it could be used via a messenger or some independent platform? Well, here are a few suggestions.

This is not exactly a standalone messenger or software. Its a customized version of Google Chrome - exclusively for Facebook users. Everything in this browser revolves around Facebook, search, sharing, sidebar apps. It has also Facebook Chat integrated with it. Which is quite useful too. I'll be concentrating on the Chat section here, for the rest you can read this -- Rockmelt - the Next Gen Social Web Browser

What's happening to Kerala Film Audience? Santhosh Pandit?

Read this - Santhosh Pandit tops charts at Virteacon too!
 Santhosh Pandit seems to be the next big thing in Malayalam Film industry nowadays. Who is he? To the unknown, I would say he is the Justin Bieber of Kerala - and I should say even a 1000 time worse. And apparently, such people get more attention that really good ones. Pity that they get the attention, but does it mean to grab attention - people would do anything? And the audience would accept such atrocities. Take a look at the following album(whether you understand the language or not, doesn't really matter), and you'll know what this guy is capable of.

You're Welcome OR Your Welcome?

 I've been in a dilemma for quite a long. Whenever someone comments in my Blog, while typing down a note of welcome, I always do it like this - Your Welcome. But it sounded odd to me, to be on the safe side, I always used the alternatives - The pleasure is mine, Glad to help etc. I've been in this confusion for months now, and never bothered to Google it.
 Well, today was the day. Finally I decided to break the ice. So I Googled Your welcome. And Tada! The first result made me LOL! Take a peek -

[Poll] Blogger's Corner - How often do you check your stats?

 I've been blogging for close to a year now, and quite addicted to it. If you are a blogger, you would know that the Blog Stats can glue you to the screen far more than Facebook. To all others, bloggers and site owners are quite frantic about the views their content get. They ponder on the viewers stats, which includes the country, platform, which post etc.
Now why do people do that? Sheer anxiety? Or maybe you can say its to know how well your content is being spread/read. That's what counts for a blogger eh?
For example my Blog stats for today(21st Oct 2011) would look something like this.

Travelling? redBus the best Online Ticket Booking System

 Recently I've come into the world of travelling to, Trivandrum, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mysore - I've visited them all in the span of 2 months. And with travelling came the requirement of making travel arrangements. The only portal I knew before was IRCTC, which of course was for Railways. To book tickets, I had to call upon my uncle who knew a travel agent to hook me up with a bus.

 Then I came to know about redBus from one of my friends. And it was the first bus booking portal I've seen. In the beginning, I did not really trust in the way it works. But with a few travels done, I can say this is one of the best Online Ticket Booking system in India. All you have to do is go to the link redBus.in, give your From and To locations, along with date of journey and hit on Searh.

What's so SIRI-ous about iPhone 4S?

 Though the iPhone 4S was disappointing to thousands of fans expecting the iPhone 5, it has some breathtaking features built into it. You can find the list of specs here - Apple introduces iPhone 4S. Everyone is talking about Siri on this machine, and to anyone who has no idea of what it is - read more about it here.
 Awesome right? Well, here is the official demo for the Siri.

Amidst the giant wars, Yahoo! loses its place - Yahoo! for sale!

 Facebook and Google, that's the only things happening in Internet nowadays. Facebook, with a lot of new additional features, is looking all set to be unrivaled in the industry. But Google won't let them do it easily either. In all other fields too Google and other giants have a war. Amidst all these, there is something that have disappeared its charisma. Yes, its Yahoo! - one of the best in the yester years.
 Yahoo! was one of my favorites a few years ago. I believe Yahoo! was the first one to provide customized home pages to its users. And definitely its mail services were one of the best. Yahoo! was also once the main competitor for Google in search engine world, which apparently does not look to exist. Anyways, Yahoo! has been on news recently - for all wrong reasons. The CEO Carol Bartz was fired recently, for not keeping up in the market. Followed by a tag on Yahoo! - For Sale.

Fifa 12 -- PC

 And here it is once again, another FIFA franchisee which seldom disappoints hardcore fans. Release on September 30,2011, this game promises a lot of fun. Casual gamers might not find lot of differences between FIFA 11 and FIFA 12, but there are lots of hidden twists and tweaks done to make the game look beautiful.

What's New?
 To begin with, EA Sports have been playing around with the menu buttons since FIFA 11, and they have done a pretty good job here too. With short motions of Kaka doing a variety of trick moves, its fun to simply explore the menus. If you have begun with the game, you might have noticed the focus of change in the game. Its Defense. Defense has become more tactical and precise in this game. You no longer can easily dispossess your opponent and run through, it requires precise motions and containment now. A pretty good tutorial in integrated into the game, which won't be difficult to follow.
 The biggest headache in FIFA 11 was the control configuration, which has been resolved in this version. You can now customize your controls in Game Settings according to your wish. And then if you explore the Game Settings, you can find out certain new parameters in there as well. Some of them are

In Memory of Steve Jobs, apple are Giving Away 1000 iPad 2's - Facebook Scam

 Again, spammers take advantage of situations, however sick it is. This one is adding to the list of very few Spams I have posted on. Steve Jobs death is the recent hot news, and Scammers won't let him rest in peace either. A spam message has been spreading out in Facebook, in fact there is an event up for it as well.
Clearly a scam, NO ONE is giving out free stuff for a great man's death. Please give a thought before spreading such stuff. Here are the pages you get into on clicking the links.

Phelps Clan says Jobs gave God no glory & taught sin

 People always try to take advantage of situations. But this turns out to be a bit to extreme. Margie Phelps, of the  infamous Westboro Baptist Church has come up with a couple of stern tweets against Steve Jobs.
 Margie Phelps, tweeted these lately here. In fact, there are a few more tweets, and he mentions that God created iPhone for that purpose. Now for a question why? People have unanimous answers, to gain popularity in the wrong way. Here is how wiki defines WestBoro Baptist Church
  The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an independent Baptist church known for its extreme stance against homosexuality[1] and its protest activities, which include picketing funerals and desecrating the American flag.
This does not come in good reason, hope it doesn't go worse. RIP Steve Jobs, your place is certainly in heaven - without doubt. And to mark his words, watch the most inspirational speech he gave below.

Cheapest Indian tablet Aakash to be available at $50

 India had promised a 35$ Tablet couple of years ago, well it has become a reality now. Eventhough the price margin has gone up a bit, it still remains to be the cheapest of the lot. 50$-60$(Less than Rs.3000) is the estimated price of this tablet. This is how the tablet would look with at $7(Rs.300) keyboard.
The specs are not so good, but its well worth for 50$. Here is how the rig works.

Apple Introduces iPhone 4S

By David King

  • First, some statistics.Tim Cook on the iPhone 4S, "the most amazing iPhone ever."
  • 357 total retail stores in 11 countries, and many, many more are coming to "raise the bar at retail."
  • "The MacBook Pro and the iMac are the number one best selling notebook and desktop in the United States."
  • We're comparing to Windows 7 - it took 20 weeks to reach 10 percent of the Windows install base. It took Lion two weeks.
  • Over 300 million iPods have been sold. "It took Sony 30 years to sell 220,000 Walkman casette players."
  • Market share for iPod? A neat 78 percent.
  • iTunes is the number one music store in the world with 16 billion songs downloaded.
  • According to a ChangeWave survey, HTC is second at 49 percent. Apple is #1 at 70% for customer satisfaction.
  • "Over 80 percent of the hospitals in the US are now testing or piloting iPad.".
  • Three quarters of all tablets sold are iPads.
  • 250 million iOS devices have now been sold!
  • iOS is now the number one mobile operating system, 43 percent compared to Android's 33 percent as of the July ComScore ratings.
  • More than 500,000 apps in the App Store, 140,000 are specifically for the iPad.
  • Customers have download 18 billion apps - more than a billion per month.
  • Apple has paid out $3 billion to developers.

Dinosaur at my School!

 Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kanhangad - a school I kick started my education in India. Lots of memories hung up there, beautiful ones. It was just another weekend, I was spending my time at school for some reason. There was a Cricket match going on, and some serious contenders. I was watching the match up from the first floor, nice view.
  The game started well, it was nice to see people dressed in blue and white, with proper cricket gears(hard to find in schools). The gallery(first floor) was sparsely occupied, and I was utilizing the luxury of it. But then suddenly the floor began thumping, and the building began shaking. Fearful of the earthquakes in Sikkim, I concluded it was an earthquake - OMG! An Earthquake hit me! Panic prickled my body, and the players in the ground started glaringly staring at what was going on.