Last day at TCS ILP

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This post is addressed particularly to my friends. To others, this is what happened in our final day, details might be insignificant for you.
 A memorable day it was, 7th Sep 2011. I can't stop myself thanking my friends before even beginning my post. But seriously guys, thanks a lot for making it a memorable one. It was a mixture of boring morning, surprising afternoon, thrilling and shocking evening, and an emotional departure. And it does'n end there, the late night travel made the experience even better. I guess I will split this article as mentioned above.

Boring Morning
6 30am - Me and my room mate were sound asleep, as we came to know that today would be a general shift for us(guessing it would be 9-6 am, we planned to get up late). But surprisingly, my friend Vikash Kumar, shook us up saying that the bus had already left at 6.15am. Dang! Bad starting to the last day! Then we began calling up the authorities, who informed us the next bus would be at 7.15. Omg! It was already 6.45! We rushed to freshen our-self, and then attired our-self in ethnic wear - Shirt and Mundu(Dhothi/Lungi)
So we kicked the journey to Peepul Park, our last journey in Suresh. Posing ourselves as proud ethnic dressers, we roamed around the Peepul Park. We(Me and Nakul specifically), were the Kings of the day - helping each and every one wear a Mundu. We took a glance at our buddy systems for one last time, and completed a few last minute responsibilities(which was a bit shocking, the HR informed a few of us that we had to resubmit the Offer Letter for some reason, and none of us were having a copy of it. But we managed to have one in the end). But after that, almost 2-3 hours of joblessness - moments that we urged ourselves to do some work which was not there.
We had our Onam Sadya at the canteen, not a very good one, but yes - for 28 Rs, it was too good! After the lunch, we had to wait till 2.30pm, when the Office boy came and informed us to gather at an auditorium.

Surprising Afternoon
The whole batch was gathered in the auditorium(250+ TCS Associates). And we began to journey to the end of training there. It started with giving of a few certificates of appreciation for various activities held at ILP. Then came my personal Gift and Surprise of the day. The Star of the Batch was being announced, and I was one among them. A moment to be proud of, a moment that made me realize my career had kicked off brilliantly(And a moment that I realized my pockets would be empty soon). It was a career defining moment for me, but what came next, was a life defining moment for many of us.

Thrilling and Shocking evening
We all knew that there was Onam Celebrations being organized at TCS, but we never knew it would be something comparable to our College celebrations. And surprisingly it was better. It started of with a lecture by a few Associates, and the Onam Song. But then came the best part, Shingari melam with pulikali. And to inspire us even more, the Hunter was a senior associate of TCS.
Our hearts began thumping, feet began rolling, hands began waving - to the sound of the beat. I could not resist myself there, but the fact that we were in a Corporate Space kept pushing me back. But then a moment came, a moment when we broke the barracks that was holding us back - Me, Nakul, Saurav and Pankaj, entered the center stage, and shook our feet. That was just the beginning. Like a dam shattered into pieces, people gushed into center stage, we had given the start, and it was a mere matter of time to give the start. The tied down souls floated freely in the campus, and it was all College back again.
After this, the next big thrill came up. A fashion show! Again, we 4 - Me, Nakul, Saurav and Pankaj(aka Golden Quadrangle) teamed up to show a Batch fashion show. Something for the batch, something for us, and something for our hearts. Saurav was even more surprisingly selected to the next round!
It was fun, fun beyond words - and then came our part of receiving the Release letters. We were joyful, we were emotional, we were ecstatic. We received our group photos, which turned out to be awesome. In this ecstasy, we danced and sung together inside the classrooms, which made us get our final ultimatum Get Out by our Senior Associate.

Emotional Departure
90 days went faster than we thought, and we wish it had not. It might have been an a Pre training to the Corporate world, but for us, it was a Post college life. New friends, new pressure, new deadlines, new recognition. A moment to be revived forever, final Good byes were made, we knew we would keep in touch, but we also knew we would never be together.
With a Jai to T15, we ended our journey as a batch.

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