New Facebook Ticker, a response to the awesome Google Plus Notification?

 Yet another Facebook response to Google Plus. The Facebook ticker service has been rolling out for many users lately. And what is it? A service similar to the awesome Google Plus notification system, plus it has an advantage of live feed!

As you see, the ticker is placed above the sidebar, splitting it into two. The live feed is pretty decent, and the best part of it is that when you click on any block, you get an expanded window with its details. Looks familiar? I bet you do if you are into Google Plus. But I should say this technique works far better than Google Plus Notifications.
There are lots more features to this sidebar though, you can even watch videos, view photos, like it, make comments, and tons more on this sidebar! I soon see a future with this ticker bar implemented on different websites. It would be a bomb if it would be possible, with that social ticker, accessing Facebook would be more easier than ever.
So its official, Facebook is picking up on what Google Plus did right! Any thoughts on what would be the next awesome feature of Facebook? Leave a comment!

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