First phase of TCS ILP(New curriculum)

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Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) has introduced a new curriculum for Initial Learning Program(ILP), an initiative to train the freshers. I am proud to say I belong to the pilot batch of this curriculum. It is good, and more towards real life simulations, unlike the old curriculum which fed you theory classes. Our batch commenced on June 16, 2011, and more details on my experience in TCS can be found here.
Details mentioned here is based on my experience at ILP Trivandrum in (Java)IT stream.

What's new?
 In the previous curriculum, TCS followed a strategy of intense theory sessions. There were lots of theory sessions, in which every topic was covered. Apart from this, you have tests every now and then, in which you needed to overcome a certain percentage to get through. Also, you would not know your stream till the 30th day of training, and only then stream specific training is done.

 The duration of ILP is 60 working days, which would span close to 3 months including the holidays(Sat & Sun). You can read my experiences of the first day- here and second day - here. The first two days have only induction sessions, wherein you will be introduced to various policies and processes in TCS. At the end of second day, you will know about your Stream and batch, and the upcoming sessions would be according to these details.
 The 60-day ILP training is split into two equal phases.
  • First 30 days called Core Skills. In this phase, you will be introduced to the basic concepts based on the Project you will be doing. You will get a Case study at the end of this 30 days, which will be pursued in the next 30 days. Here, you will ONLY learn the concepts required for you Case study. And these session are not completely theoretical, you will have probably one theory session a day, and the rest would have some exercises based on that learning. The syllabus is split into several sections, and you will have an Evaluation Test at the end of each section.
    Along with Technical, you have Business Skills(BizS) sessions as well. Here you learn topics which will transform you into the corporate space. It includes communication, several etiquette's, do's and don't in the company etc.
  • Next 30 days is called Project Delivery. As the name mentioned, you will get a Case study to be done with deadlines, reports etc. In short these 30 days is a real life simulation of a project. You will have status reports(weekly), meetings, deadlines, documentation, and all such things. BizS sessions would rarely come through.
    In this phase, you will be Analyzing, Designing, Documenting, Coding, Testing and Maintaining different projects(done by different groups within your batch).
    In between, people would be randomly called up by senior officials to keep track of the learning(like an interview)
So what difference does it make?
 It makes lot of difference. Let me split this view into two.
  • Computer Science freshers: Includes all freshers who are from computer background, or have a basic knowledge on computer science. In the old curriculum, the theory sessions were just a repetition of whatever they knew, which tend to be boring and monotonous. But its no more, now ILP is very dynamic, and its a chance for every fresher to get more exposure on to the corporate space.
  • Non-Computer Science freshers: Earlier, these freshers had a brilliant opportunity to listen to theory sessions and make up a concrete base. But now, you have to take an extra effort to keep up. It's not bad in anyway, its extra good, and you have to take the extra effort to utilize the exposure you get. This does not mean that Non-CS students would be in trouble, trust me, I have batch mates who perform even better than CS students. So no worries!
    And here comes the importance of Aspire as well! If you put that effort in, it'll be way better! So please make sure you get through Aspire and follow the courses(if not perfect it, at least get a feel of it!)
If you want me to add more details, please add the query as a comment. I will try to update it at the earliest.
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