FAQ: TCS ILP Freshers

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After getting placed into TCS, a thousand questions burst into your head. I have a community in Facebook TCS ILP 2011, and hundreds of question arise every day. Most questions are repeated, which gave me the thought of making this post. Here, I will post a few common questions.
And please make sure you give me a feedback, so that I can improve on this FAQ.

  1. Do I require a PAN Card to join?
    A. Yes, unless you have a PAN card, or a PAN card number, you cannot get your salary. If its a delay of 2-3 days, its acceptable.
  2. Do I require a Passport to join?
    A. Not mandatory. Passport is your requirement if you need onsite opportunities.
  3. I have a backlog/arrears/supplementary. Can I join?
    A. No. TCS is strictly instructing such freshers to delay the date of joining.
  4. What are the documents required at joining?
    A.  Read this for more infoTCS Recruitment procedure. And for specific questions, you can post it here TCS ILP 2011.
  5. What is Aspire all about?
    A. Aspire is a learning portal, which has many courses in it. This portal helps you to get your basics right. Following the new curriculum, this is important.
  6. What is my salary during ILP?
    A. During training, you would get close to 18,000 per month(Including HRA, which will be deducted from this amount in case TCS is providing accommodation.)
  7. Can I take leave during ILP?
    A. No. You are not eligible for leaves in ILP. However, you have 1.5 days of medical leave, which can be taken in case there is a medical urgency. Otherwise, absentees will be loss of pay.
  8. Do TCS provide accommodation during ILP?
    A. Yes, except in Chennai, TCS provides accommodation during ILP(And yes this is mandatory). The HRA will be deducted by TCS for the same.
  9. How good is the food?
    A. Food at canteen is healthy. Talking specifically of Trivandrum, North Indians hate the food at the canteen. And Hotels are quite costly out here.
  10. Are Laptops allowed at TCS?
    A. Yes, you can have Laptops at your respective hostel/hotel, but not allowed in the Campus. And you will NOT get a Laptop from TCS.
  11. Does TCS provide Internet connectivity?
    A. You have high speed internet in TCS Campus, however all popular sites are blocked. And no internet is provided at accommodation.
  12. What is the difference between IT and ITIS?
    A. IT is the main stream of TCS, which includes whatever projects TCS have taken up. ITIS(Infrastructure Services) support TCS in this context. It includes creating networks, setting up of infrastructure, maintaining infrastructure, setting up of the project requirements etc.
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