Facebook is on top again, but where is Google Plus?

 So after the Google Hype rocked the Internet, its going all silent again. The baby - Google +, has not grown much after its birth. Yes, a few things are happening over here and there, but not much. In the mean time, Facebook has come up with something, which is apparently the basis of Google+. With more privacy measures, and easier sharing, its certainly proving itself once again.

Google +
 Google + rocked the virtual world. It was a buzz in every blog, magazine, social network and even on Facebook. Many portrayed it as the end of Facebook, and the initial stats was humongous! But what has happened after that? I personally have lost interest in Google+, and the last time I got in was to check in the new Games. Apparently, these games were not so popular among my friends as well, except to one peculiar friend. Any guesses? Take a look at the screen shots below

Yup! That's true, I guess Mark Zuckerberg is onto some serious gaming in Google+, or he might be learning on Plus. After all, that's how Google Plus was born, it was born on the defects of Facebook. And now its Facebook's turn to grow on Google+'s strengths.
 Recently I came across an article which points out that 83% of Google Plus users are inactive. I'm not really surprised of that, it has not kept up its reputation since the launch. And all these stats, become meaningless

In the meantime what's cooking in Facebook's HQ? LOTS! And recently they launched a set of well framed features, which are definitely pointed to Google+. I'm not going into the detailed specs, as its already up there on Facebook. I'l put up the images which explain the new features, you can read more here - Facebook Blog

That pretty much sums up what Facebook has been doing.

Battle of the Giants
So who is winning? I would say YOU! Yes, because of this battle, Social networking is getting bigger, and better. But its still nice to gossip on the war, and this war is definitely the type - Everything is fair in war and love. Yes, lots happening around, and the fun to abide! 

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