UNESCO choses Indian National Anthem as the Best? Sigh! Another Hoax!

 Come on, give it a break guys! Ive been seeing this post around for the past few months, but guess its catching up again now. Sigh! The post, spreading on Facebook and via Email, goes like this -
 "Congrats!!!!!!!!! our national anthem "Jana Gana Mana........" is declared as "THE BEST ANTHEM OF THE WORLD" by UNESCO...... Kindly everyone re-post this as your status atleast for an hour. Let's show the world we rock ! PROUD to be an INDIAN-- JAI HIND!!...feels great!!."
 First question - WHO said so? Check up the UNESCO site, and find me atleast a sentence that reveals this.
 Second question - WHY would UNESCO do this? To declare as the Best Anthem is almost like an insult to the other Nations, right?
 Third question - WHY should this be reposted? Of patriotism? Come on, it will look like Indians are themselves spreading a non existing recognition to promote their National Anthem. Good? I don't think so, moreover it obscures our Behavior, don't you think so?
 Fourth question - WHY is it that no one ever Google's to check the legitimacy of some news spreading on Social Network? Come on! I just Google'd it and got my answer here - hoax-slayer.com.
 Fifth question - WHY is such a huge recognition not on News, Television, Newspaper, or any other Legitimate source?

 If you have an answer to any of the above question, the news might be right. Please remember guys, such a hoax tarnishes the culture of India, never be Proud of doing it. 

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