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All this time, I had posted on my views about TCS and ILP. Now its time you hear from a wide bunch of TCS Associates. I will be updating this post time to time, so keep checking back! And to any TCS Associates going through this, feel free to leave a few words on your experience! Remember - Learning and Sharing ! And to all others, for more information join - TCS ILP 2011 and read the posts tagged TCS - here, where you can find experiences and suggestions of TCS freshers.
  • Testimonial by Manu Zafar Abdulla. Joined TCS ILP on June 16,2011. Belongs to Mainframe Stream, posted to Mumbai and is from Non Computer Science Background.My interesting tryst with mainframes started on the fourth day of ILP.The first session was handled by our Tech-lead.Apart from the meager idea of mainframes (which perhaps, i acquired when I studied 'the history of computers in my school days..), I had no presumptions.We were introduced to what basically a mainframe was..that it was something that spanned rooms..with lots of resources to handle huge amount of data..that banking, insurance, railways and healthcare sectors relied on them..and so and so.As soon as he tried to log in to the server..the server got hung up.We got our first chunk of advice..'to be in love with mainframes, what you ought to have is a lot of patience(I swear..there were no server problems after that till now!!).We were further dipped in to this exciting world(i hope the whole of our batch would agree to it!!..) by our facilitator(an experienced TCS mainframer,friendly, softspoken and a curious teacher!! .).The interface was completely new..( i'll keep the tech stuffs apart..) felt like an evolved version of DOS..but much more colourful..ooh yeah..The first week,we were taught how to create files in certain formats..copying between them..different commands and such basics.( I tell you, for a layman..these things arent very simple,make sure you pour in attention to the tech sessions.!!). Our systems are connected to a mainframe located somewhere else..every activity is done logging on to this server and so homeworks cant be done at home.We usually get assignments..which would have to be completed at our lab..(Our sessions end at 2:00pm..but we always reach our place of stay at 9:00pm...assignments..case studies..evaluations..we are occuppied 7 days a week!!). We are used to spending our weekends(the much awaited weekends, infact!!) in techlabs to meet our monday deadlines..We enviously keep gazing at Java and .net guys hanging out and enjoying to the fullest (It seems to us that they have no work atall!!).
    As a 16 day old mainframer(as I potray to be), here is what I have inferred...Learning mainframes isnt tough..its all about getting used with this 'never seen' interface..the more you practice.. the more errors you incur and the better you turnout to be.You'll have hurdles initially and hectic ILP schedules,but everything would add value to our career. We dont get to learn mainframes in this scale from anywhere else. TCS presents a wonderful opportunity for us to be in the big mainframe game. And definitely, our splendid spring is on the offing!!! Happy mainframing to all aspirers!!
  • Testimonial by Noufel Backer - Joined ILP on June 16,2011. Belongs to .NET Stream, posted to Bangalore and is from Non Computer Science Background.
    Here goes my 3 weeks .net experience. I think .net is the most easy stream you got at tcs.It is good especially for non cs people.i find most of my friends in other streams staying back after class to finish programs but we dint have any such issues:-P
    First we were asked to do the programs in a software called linqpad for approx 1 week.It was kinda similar to C++/C.If you had studied C you will feel more comfortable working with linqpad.
    On next week we were asked to do the programs in visual studio.we  find it more comfortable coz we dont need to write all the codes.U write one piece of code and visual studio completes the rest  for you!
  • Testimonial by Aditya Mani - Joined ILP on June 16,2011. Belongs to Java Stream, posted to Mumbai and is from a Non Computer Science Background.Disclaimer: If you are expecting this rant (article) to shed light on some ulterior processes in TCS or expecting to gain valuable survival tips for your own adventure on this remote island, walk away now and live the rest of your blissful life sheltered from insanity. My romance with my first company cannot be elucidated in a rosy vein nor can it be compared with the nether world.
    “Bus will come at 6 am”, is what we were greeted with when we landed at our hotel the evening before our joining; and there we were, trying to make sense of what the guy at the reception just said in barely decipherable English, standing in a hotel that looked like the retarded half brother of its internet avatar. After spending the last four years of our lives in an engineering hostel, we realised how difficult it would be to report for work at a time we usually went to sleep. Nevertheless, we prepared ourselves mentally and woke up at 5, the next morning, to the cacophony of our mobile phones.
    Around 6:15 am, a bus finally came and stopped in front of the hotel. Being a Tamilian, I was entrusted with the responsibility of trying to communicate with the Malayalam speaking bus driver and trying to convince him to wait for some of our other ‘associates’ who were still getting ready. What happened next was a comedy of errors. Somewhere between my hand gestures, my Tamil numbers for time and his revving engine, he came to the conclusion that his services were no longer needed and away he sped in to the dusty highway, leaving us coughing and gasping in his trail.
    Fortunately, another bus did show up and took us to Peepul Park, where I saw hordes of people (pun intended). That scene was reminiscent of my first day at my college. Nervous looking clean shaven and well groomed young men in neat formals, maintaining lines and adhering to tacit rules. The only thing missing was a group of seniors shouting less than pleasant remarks in their ears. By the way, that big line was for X-ray scanning of bags, which I thought was extremely cool till I realised that I couldn’t carry biscuits in to the building let alone my i-pod. I was made to keep my biscuit packet in an adjoining room which magically disappeared by evening. Ugesh Sorcar could learn a thing or two about making things disappear.
    The most arduous thing I did before coming to TCS wasn’t going through the pre-ILP portal Aspire or even bidding farewell to friends and family. It was the preparation of all those thousand documents that were demanded by the company. 16th June, 2011 is a day I will never forget. It is the day that I joined TCS and also the day I almost considered quitting the first job I ever had. People dream of making it big the very first day at work. I dreamt of salvaging any sanity that I had left and running away for good. Trust me, it was that bad. Will I make it? Will my documents pass the acid test? Will I have to go return to my parents who haven’t even started missing me yet? Will I ever get the phone number of that cute girl in blue? Thousands of such questions, both pertinent and perverted, raced through the beleaguered minds of all present that day in that auditorium. Finally, when the clock struck seven, all the survivors heaved a huge sigh of relief and savoured that victory like no other. Unfortunately, the festivities were short lived, owing to the taxing day and the ‘action-packed’ schedule of the next day. Long live the corporate world.
    So when and if you do decide to come here, you are welcome to join me and my friends in sipping the warm pink water served in local restaurants and to stand awkwardly in front of the condom shops in Trivandrum. ‘Kerala-fonia’ indeed.

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