A right decision made on the Hidden Treasure worth $22 Billion!

  Movies like National Treasure were believed to be a fiction, with such treasures impossible to exist in the current age. But they do, and to our surprise right under our nose. I landed at Trivandrum, for my fresher training at TCS on June 16. And within a few weeks this news struck me with awe. This incident had happened just a few kilometers away from the place I live.
  After a long debate, the Supreme Court of India had ordered to open the 6 hidden chambers of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the ones which have not been opened for about 150 years or so. It was a rumor till now that the Royal Travancore Family had stored their fortune in those chambers. But no one even bothered to open those, we Keralites look forward to the temple with divine respect. Many said opening the godly chambers would bring up bad omens for the state and country, yes the same way movies on the Mummies of Egypt, and other places of divinity are made.
  But the Supreme Court order had to be obeyed, and so did we. A team of experts began the process of unrevealing the imaginable. At the end of the first day, they had treasures way above the scope any Indian imagined. There were sacks of Precious gems(because of its antique nature, the value of most of them could not even be evaluated), huge golden sculptures, 14 feet long golden chains, and the list never ended. I was seriously wondering what the Treasure hunters were doing all these years!

  Now came up the question of what should be done with this treasure? Eventhough there were many opinions of giving it to the public, or for the development of the society, a final decision was made, which was unanimously accepted by majority. The Treasure was to be kept as it was, with one chamber still left to be explored. I believe it was the right decision, the treasure deserves to be within the temple. I'm not sure if it would make sense to many, but that the culture of Kerala, and of India. We Indians are more towards spirituality, each and every one of us believe in God and do rituals every day, its a part of our life, and we respect it.

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