Play Fleet Commader, in Style!

 Star Wars games, movies, franchisees, and literally everything have been instant hits. Well, here is a new product, and unofficial Game called Fleet commander, developed by an MS graduate candidate Arthur Nishimoto. This is a strategic game, which are also famous among Star Wars games. Such games unleash the strategic and battle plans to win the war. There are people who get crazy over such games.
  So what's new in this game? This game has the same features as a normal strategic game, lots of weapons, lots of strategies, lots of destruction. But there should be something new, isn't it? Well, watch the following video, it speaks for itself.

Yes, what you see is real! I bet we would want him to get into some gaming industry and design even better games. This game is developed on Processing, an Open Source Programming Language. You can read more about this project here - Fleet Commander

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