Online Speed Reading training, to boost your pace

 I came across this site recently,, which focuses on providing an online training to speed up the pace of our reading. This is what it has to say -
Eyercize is dedicated to all those people that want to read faster but they either don't know how to get better at it or don't have the drive or time to be constantly exercising their skill.
 And yes, it seems to be more interesting than I thought it would be. The site provides a free training test, in which we can set certain parameters and read through an article. I thought I was doing good in the test, until they mentioned about something.  This was the line that caught my eye -

Using this tool will help you eliminating sub-vocalization. 
What is sub-vocalization? 
Sub-vocalization is that voice that you hear in your head as you're reading this text. In many cases it manifests itself as your vocal chords actually engaging as if you were reading out loud.
 Yes, I always hear that voice in me, even as I write this post. But I never thought it would actually be a negative point on my pace of reading. Just try taking this test once, and you will feel there is something within it. Give it a shot here below, or you can visit for more details.

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