Never knew a Dance could convey thousand meanings

 I was never a fan of Dance as an art. All I've seen is lot of random movements seen in the local movies. I admire Hrithik Roshan for the elegance he brings about in his moves. But still, I was never admired it much, till I watched an episode of So you think you can Dance!
 It was mind boggling! I saw an episode which mainly focussed couple dancing, and recently I came across such a video on Facebook. Those movements convey so much meaning, and Love. I'm wondering how two strangers can make out the moves. I think they get only a week or so to practice and perfect their moves, and they do it brilliantly! Ha! Even wish I could atleast perform any of the moves they did. Check out the following video to really get an idea of what Dancing can do.

The movements are magical! And the chemistry between two total strangers - AMAZING! I watched the whole episode dumbstruck. I also remember a couple dance in which both the participants were Male, which was even better than any other performances. Here in India, we have a misconception when a Male and Female dance together, and with minimal clothes as we see in such shows. But after watching that episode, minimal clothes was not revealing, exposing or sexual, it was pure bliss and beauty. I'm looking forward to watch the Step Up series after seeing these visuals. Thanks to So you think you can Dance to seed the art of enjoying dancing in me.

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