My say on Google+ : Facebook should get better to keep the Throne!

 I know its a bit late, but for some reason, I guess I was the last one to receive a Google+ invite. Thanks to Nijil, Mazin and Jayadev for adding me up to their Circles. And my first thought - Awesome! It looks way cleaner and better than Facebook, this is how your profile would look.
As you can see, it follows the Facebook convention of a Wall, but with a different name - Streams. And these Streams are way easier to manage and control than a Wall. Google+ has basically build up on all sorts of disadvantages of Facebook. Google+ highlights certain features when you try for the first time, like when I posted a comment for the first time, it showed me the options to Limit visibility and edit the comment if required[Something not found in Facebook]. And I have to suggest Google to change the phrase Post Comment to maybe Circulate or something[Post Comment sounds more like Facebook]. Checking up on Notifications is also really easy and effective.

 Coming to the other Tabs, we have 4 navigation icons on the Top which lead us to - Home, Photos, Profile[in above pic] and Circles. The Home gives us a page which summarizes the Streams, and includes Friend Suggestions and Chat. Chat is the same as we have in Gmail, and Friend suggestions are way more effective as we have to add new people to Circles. Here is a screenshot -
 As you can see, the Streams are listed on the Left, it has a similar concept of Lists is Facebook, but implemented way more effectively. Sparks is a feature which lists you Interests, and on the right side you can find an option Hangout. Hangout is another highlight of Google+, you can make group Video Chats and other things on that[Haven't tested it yet]
 Now coming to the best thing I found on Google+ - Circles. Adding up friends into Circles is really fun! Unlike Facebook, wherein grouping of Friends can be a really difficult task, Google+ makes this task fun and effective! Here is a video on how to Group your friends into circles -
Fun isn't it? It also lets us add new Circles and categorize friends. When you make a post, you have to specify which circles it should be visible. So in short, Google+ has worked on Facebook's main issue - Privacy and Security, and come up with an awesome solution. Lets wait and see how the Competition goes up, and how it would revamp the already thriving Social Network

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