Mumbai Blasts, Hanging Kasab a Solution?

 Mumbai Blasts have been terrible, and the history behind those blasts are even more tragic. But how is the nation taking it now? Indians, especially Mumbaikars, and the youth are craving for revenge on Kasab. Is this the right thing to do?
 I came across an Facebook event recently, it titled - HANG AJMAL KASAB, and the details were the following

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Maharashtra government has already spent a staggering Rs 31 crore to keep Kasab safe.Does this mean the government will continue to spend crores of rupees in keeping Kasab safe as there has already been intelligence inputs that terrorists may repeat the Kandahar episode.

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab (Urdu: محمد اجمل امیر قصاب) is a Pakistani Islamic terrorist who was involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.Kasab is the only attacker captured alive by police and is currently in Indian custody. The Government of Pakistan initially denied that Kasab was from Pakistan, but in January 2009, it officially accepted that he was a Pakistani citizen.

 Is this a right thing to happen? Social networks and adding fuel to the revenge in this aspect. But I'm proud to say, Social Networks such as Twitter has been really helpful during this tragic incident. The media, as always focussed on the tragedy by gushing the blood and gore into Indians, rather than helping.
 Coming back to the event, already close to 45k Indians have accepted the Event, and to my horror, I scrolled down to take a look at the comments. Here are a few ,

  Its is only in India that terrorists like ajmal kesab are given a safe haven in India for mercilessly killing thousands of innocent Indians and top of it he is served with biryani and kebabs daily.What a shame!!!!He ought to be stoned to death at red fort on the 15th of August at delhi and a stern message should be sent to pakistan that future incidents like 2008 and 2011,will be stronger than this one.I hope Congress,(read S,M and R) and the rest will not lick pakistanis asses any more.

 And this is just one among them! There are even more horrifying comments in there. My question is, India is being diplomatic and sticking to the policies on fighting terrorism. Or should I rephrase it as - Indian Govt is being diplomatic and sticking to the policies on fighting terrorism? Indians, each and every one of them are boiling with revenge within them, and this is not such a good thing to happen. Perhaps, the Indian Govt. should do something to calm down the Indian citizens, rather than waiting for the fury to nudge away with time(which eventually will).
  I would also like to share something else. On reading through the comments of that event, I came across this

  ok this may seem... a bit contradicting, bt blv me its not that i donot want him hanged... bt i was just going through his early life and profile on wikipedia, read a few articles on him etc... and i found out that kasab belonged to a very poor family, with very few facilities, he had been suppressed by responsibilities for his families.... and hence turned towards this way (as it was claimed that his family was promised to be givern Rs 1,5 lakhs for this )...after a series of psychological tests, the police had confirmed the above points.... also it is said that kasab had very little knowledge abt jihad and Muslim preachings,, and was misguided...... so i blv it is very important to find and destroy such ppl and groups who take advantage of the poor conditions of the ppl and misguide them

  Isn't that a point to think too? Indians badly want Kasab gone, because we think he is responsible for the Mumbai blasts. I also understand the Government's approach towards Kasab, but is the Government doing the right thing by ignoring the revenge and hatred of Indians to commit their duty? Surely, something has to be done. I just jotted down a few thoughts, hoping to get your views too.

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