Lamborghini Vs. Squirrel(Yeah a Squirrel!), Squirrel Survives!

 Who would dare to cross a road made exclusively for Lamborghini's to stroll? One would never even imagine such a thing, but this little rodent actually crossed the road, and survived(Almost!). Take a look at the video -
Phew, mighty close ain't it? I wonder what would've happened if even a slight breeze had come by. Would the Squirrel feel it? Or would the roaring machine topple over? Someone please throw some light on what would happen!
 Going to the technical details - The shot was taken in an annual event, held in late June at California Speedway in Fontana, which invites Lambo owners to test their skills on a two-and-a-half-mile open track. It promises "an incredible rush of speed and sound that will quicken the pulse and stir the soul.". Getting to the car, it turns out that the car wasn't just another Lambo, it's an LP670-4SV -- one of the fastest Lamborghinis ever made. The car was going in excess of 100 mph the "SV," in fact, stands for "Super Veloce," or "Super Fast."

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