IT Companies to hire from 7th Semester in 2011

 Guess the trend of hiring professionals at an earlier stage is coming back! Nasscom and major Indian IT companies have agreed to spread out their campus hiring over seventh and eighth semesters this year. This change comes into effect considering the current demand of freshers and the humongous expenses involved in spanning top colleges in a short period of time.
 Till now, the companies had to visit top colleges of India within a span of 2-3 months, making it a huge task, with lots of expenses involved. This move would cut it down, and of course students would have their part of laugh as well.
 "This time hiring will begin early, somewhere in October," said Mittal. "This is the outcome of our internal discussions. Details are to be still worked out."  quotes Som Mittal, President of Nasscom
"The percentage of freshers recruited from campus will definitely increase. I think all companies agree on this trend," said Mittal.

 He also added "This is a temporary solution keeping in mind the increased demand and logistical problems. Also final year projects and internships were causing problems for some students. But I want to categorically state that there is no going back to old ways of hiring very early,"
 Nasscom and other IT companies had come into a joint decision of not recruiting students from the 7th semester last year. This decision was made considering the student's attitude of not studying, once they get hands on an offer letter. But the tide has changed, and hope students would not lose their mind this year!
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