Indian Railways going Green - SMS as a Ticket could save some paper

  I've come across many situations, when you run around the last moment to take the printout of Ticket you reserved from IRCTC. Ive even thought, why? We have the PNR status on our mobile, they have our Personal details, we have our ID Proof, why a ticket more? It seems the Indian Railways has thought about it too!
  Mamata Banerjee recently launched this initiative in Kolkata. People no more need to take a Print of an e-ticket. An SMS on your mobile phone would be a valid ticket. Along with this initiative, Indian Railways is also coming up with a Mobil app for e-reservation. Wow! India is certainly growing at a rate faster than we imagined.
I'd like to quote a few interesting sentences from the article on

  "The transmogrification of a railway ticket is very interesting. First, as far as I can remember, there were thin and small cardboard tickets. These are the kind which are still disbursed by weighing machines in railway and bus stations across India. These cardboard tickets were replaced by printouts from a dot matrix printers. Computers and the not so ubiquitous internet meant the rise of print outs on plain A4 paper and their acceptance as valid tickets. With 800 million mobile connections in a country of 1.2 billion people, using  a mobile’s 160 character text message as a ticket is a logical next step.These are the days where an Indian will forget to wear underwear but will not forget his mobile phone. No one has to worry about forgetting to carry a train ticket."
 Haha! Should appreciate the last sentence, a harsh truth.

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