A Hint to Mark Zuckerberg's Big News: Facebook + Skype = Video Chat!

 Yes, people all over the Internet world have been pondering upon the Big News announced by Mark Zuckerberg. And this might be a hint on it. Reports say that Facebook, along with Messenger giants Skype, are teaming up to form an awesome New Video Chat Integration to Facebook.
 Now how's that gona turn out? 750 million users for Facebook, 170 million users for Skype! Skype is going to shoot rocket high! And it would certainly Boost + Challenge Google+ thoughts as well. Techcrunch comments
 Facebook will launch a new video chat product, powered by Skype, that works in browser. Suddenly those chat icons in the invitation have a lot more meaning. An expert also says
The product has been built on Skype and will include a desktop component. It’s not clear to me whether that means it will just work if a user has Skype already installed on the computer, or if additional software will need to be downloaded even if the user already uses Skype. But it’s clear that there’s very deep integration between the products, and from the user’s perspective, the product will be an in browser experience.
 Now I know why Facebook had made a bid on Skype, but now that Skype belongs to Microsoft, what's up with Microsoft and Facebook? Another big venture? Lets wait and see!

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