Google coming up with a mysterious photo service - Photovine

 It's all happening for Google. Google Plus, the long awaited Google version of Facebook, is all over Internet. Infact, its going to hit 20 Million users this weekend! That's really huge, and finally it seems Google has got a nudge in Social Networking. With Google Plus, Google has revamped all its products. Gmail has a new interface now(available as beta), Youtube has a new look called Cosmic, Blogger and Picasa will soon have changes as well!
 In addition, there is something else spicing up - Photovine. Its a mysterious photo sharing  service as Mashable quotes it. And yes it is, as for now, images on Internet are not related to events. Google is trying to create a network of their own using images. Not much details are available regarding Photovine, all you can do now is fill a form to Request an Invite and wait. The motto is interesting as well, Plant a photo, watch it grow, which I think would have a very deep meaning. In the mean while, Photovine has released a video, which gives us an insight on how it would look. Check it out.

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