Google + 10 million users in 16 days, how about Facebook?

 Google is off the charts now, with an incredible quarter results, the sign show an even more boosting future with Google Plus on prowl. And here is a pic that depicts the growth of Google Plus, it explains everything!

 I found this chart on TechCrunch, and it surely depicts a royal entry of Google into Social networking. Or does it? There are a few reasons for this phenomenal growth
  • Facebook and Twitter made the concept of Social Networking popular, in a time when it wasn't.
  • Google Plus came in late, and grabbed the rewards.
  • Google has lots of integrated platforms, including Gmail, which helped in this phenomenal chart.
Now what's happening is that, Google is reinventing the wheel(a better wheel in every sense)! People crave for change and simplicity, and Google has provided exactly what the people wanted. They built on the problems of other Social Networks, and came out the best way they could. But keep in mind, Google Plus is only in its initial stage, we can even say beta stage. There is a lot more coming up, including apps, games, photosharing ... a never ending list.
In short, Google has spread its wings, and Facebook is definitely feeling the zephyr. Hope Facebook holds strong to not get carried away.

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