First three weeks @TCS, a Fresher Experience

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 If you ask me,  I'll say Awesome! But it might not be the same for all. The Initial Learning Program[ILP], is a 60 day training program designed and evolved by Tata Consultancy Services[TCS]. Our batch was the first to have the new curriculum, and its working really good so far. So let me sum up the how things are going.
   The first two days, was kind of hectic and tensed. The reason? Documentation. TCS had quite an amount of Joining formalities, with Documentation being the most difficult one. Many would not have taken seriously when they get the annexure and you are asked to do stuff. But TCS takes this seriously, they will scrutiny your every document, and fault in producing any would result in lots of confusion and running around. You have to reproduce the faulted documents in 5 working days. Again, these formalities differ according to the ILP locations. Everything I am writing now is purely based on my experience at ILP Trivandrum. The process was way more relaxing at ILP Hyderabad. Go through this Document - TCS Recruitment, Procedure, Surety Verification and Service Agreement and join this community to find answers to your queries, TCS ILP 2011.

   End of the second day, you will get to know your Stream(In my case we have 4 streams - Java/.Net/Unix/Mainframe), Base Branch Location(i.e., where you will be joining after ILP) and your Batch. We don't have a choice to chose our Stream or Batch, and the Base Branch location was 90% based on the preferences you gave earlier at Nextstep portal. At the end of day, I got into Java stream with Base Branch as Bangalore, but most of my friends landed in Mainframe(which turned out to be hectic later on)
   From the next day on, we attended session according to our respective batches. We basically had four sessions every day comprising of three technical sessions and one Business Skills session. The third day would be pretty much an intro to the whole procedure, which in our case was an intro to the new curriculum. The curriculum changed, now we had no more weekly exams and hardcore theory sessions. Instead we have continuous evaluation with a Project Based training, which I should say has come out very well. We were put into one of the two shifts, Morning shift - 7am - 1.45pm and Night shift - 2.15pm to 9pm. You can have extra sessions, you can come Saturdays and Sundays, and workout whenever you wish to(i.e., apart from these sessions).
   The faculties are really good, we can talk, ask, request anything to everything! They will really help us to solve the issues we face. This has been particularly helpful to the students without a Computer background. And I have a note to those students, never feel like you will suffer in here. If you have the basics, you will conquer this world. Or else, you still have the time to frame the basics! Your friends from Computer background and the faculties will help you in every way possible.
   Now our curriculum is like, we have 30 days of Concept learning and 30 days of Case study. And by the look of it, the ILP is being as promising as ever. With a Project based training, you get a simulation of a real time project here at ILP. Again, this is my view, and I know there might be completely contrasting views up there. I will be putting up some testimonials from my friends of all background up here occasionally. Make sure you follow this blog, or subscribe it by email so as to be updated. And if any of my Associates have any Testimonials, please send it to my mail, or leave a comment!
  Remember - Learning and Sharing.

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