File sharing sites blocked in India by few ISPs

 Aha! Another twist to piracy sharing. A few ISPs in India, including Bharti Airtel, have blocked popular file sharing services such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and And why? Medianama gives the answer
"...because Reliance BIG Pictures got a “John Doe” order allowing them to service cease and desist notices on movie pirates pirating the film Singham, Mahesh Rangathantan, COO at Reliance Entertainment, told MediaNama. Singham is releasing in theatres tomorrow. What is unique about this order through, according to Big Pictures VP (Music and Anti Piracy) Sanjay Tandon, is that it also covers Internet Service Providers, and not just people selling pirated DVDs or cable operators. “A John Doe order is given against unidentified people, because the copyright owner doesn’t know who is going to infringe. We anticipate that certain entities are going to infringe, and the Delhi High Court has granted us a John Doe order,” Tandon said.
 Here is a screenshot which denies access to

Now coming to the point, is it a good move? Definitely yes! We seriously do not need a disaster like the one happened in US in which 23,000 citizens were sued. The ISP providers have decided to play it safe, than to go worse. And to put a note, not all ISPs are blocking these sites. I use a BSNL connection, and I can access all the above mentioned file sharing sites.
But how has users responded to this? I'd like to show a screenshot of the comments that followed the Article in Medianama
The users are not happy, which is obvious! It's like you are given Biriyani everyday for free, and one fine morning the vendor says no more Biriyani because the vendor's competitor filed a case! Now that's horrible. And even more interesting in these comments is Welcome to Chindia! - Thoughtful nevertheless! 

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