Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler, safe to use?

 Facebook recently made a horrendous mistake by introducing the new Sidebar. It made us feel that Facebook would decide who we have to talk to, which was very rude considering we now have a counterpart who is excelling beyond dimensions. Google Plus and Google, are all over the Internet world now, and they are making serious and effective changes. Facebook is making a honest try to keep up their throne, but I don't think they are for the moment.
 This sidebar has made a path for Hackers and spammers easier to trap a user. Any Facebook user, eager to get rid of the erroneous sidebar would be tempted to click on a link providing an alternative. Of these alternative, some of them actually provide the perfect solution. Those are
Both of these are catching up in jet speed, and users are glad to have back their old Facebook Chat bar. But are these safe? To an extent yes, but being a third party app, they can go rogue as well!
 The first point to keep in mind is that, these apps are not official patches from Facebook. Trust me, Facebook would be knowing about this issue already, and would be making a fix. I would recommend to wait for the fix, rather using some third party untrustworthy app. And if something goes wrong, you would be responsible for it too! Here are a few lines I quote from Terms of Use from Chat Sidebar Disabler.
  • The Software removes the Chat Sidebar from FACEBOOK and reverts FACEBOOK Chat style to the Old Style. It may disrupt the normal use of FACEBOOKIf you notice any problem while using the Software along with FACEBOOK, uninstall the Software before contacting FACEBOOK's customer support.
  • FACEBOOK is a product owned and controlled by FACEBOOK. The Author is not affiliated with FACEBOOK in any way. The FACEBOOK company holds all the rights related to the use and distribution of FACEBOOK, this agreement does not pretend to be a substitution to any existing FACEBOOK agreements related to this product.
  • This is a free software but we may at any time adds advertisements in your FACEBOOK page
Now these are not serious offenses, but may or maynot get you into trouble. You might be thinking I'm going crazy pointing out a silly thing, but in this current era of Internet, you ought to be extra careful to survive. So here, I would like to suggest a few alternatives as well. Although they may not be the perfect substitutes, its upto you to make a choice. These options are also third party software's, but have been around for long, and is trustworthy.
So make your choice, and stay safe on Internet! Share your thoughts below, and share this content if you like it.

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