Did you know you could search Google by giving an Image?

 Thanks a TON to Mandar Ranade on sharing this in Facebook. And it was a really interesting piece of info as well. I had seen a new Camera Icon next to the Textbox of Google Images, but was never bothered to check out what it was(Am I talking about old news?).  But I came to know this was a pretty useful technology, in which you could upload a particular Image, and search for its details.
So to check out how good it is, I uploaded my Facebook profile pic into it,
And waited for the results, and the result was superb! Check out what I got -
It exactly displayed my Facebook and other profiles! Although the Image results were non related[but similar looking ones], the result is impressive! Gotta try on more experiments!
Google is certainly revamping the Internet experience, and rumors have spread that Picasa and Blogger is no longer going to be known as Picasa and Blogger, instead, they will be called Google Photos and Google Blogs. Can't wait to see what else is in store!

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