Youth lands in Trouble for posting on Facebook about Eating a Bull Frog

 Now that should be a lesson learnt - Facebook is a Public social network, and other can see what you say or post. This young man house in Panaji was raided by Officials of Goa Forest Department after being noticed by such an Update. WildGoa Network, a green NGO had noticed the post by Yoko Gomes, as the youth identifies himself on FB, and complained to the forest department. "We had downloaded all the content from Facebook and attached it with the complaint," said Clinton Vaz, an activist of WildGoa Network.
  The Indian Bullfrog is a protected species as per the wildlife protection rules and State Forest department has formed squads to crack down on poaching of frogs, which is an observed trend during during monsoons in Goa.

The forest department has found traces of cooked frog at the youth's place in Ribandar village, Goa. But, Officials said the youth was missing from his house and has left for Mumbai. They said that his parents are being questioned.
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