With Google introducing +1, Facebook Engineers feel the Heat!

 Yesterday, as usual I was around Facebook when I found this interesting image posted by the Official Page of Facebook Engineering. And from the look of it, I feel, the world feels, +1 has got up to Facebook.
I found this post at around 12am[IST] on June 2nd 2011, but was hesitant to make a post then itself. I was wondering if it was some kind of Joke by Facebook. I came back today and checked upon the Group to see the Image was gone. This concludes a few things
  • The Moderator was really going Mad!
  • There was some sort of disagreement among the Moderators
  • Facebook is already feeling the pressure of +1
As you see in the Image posted above, the Profile of Bret Taylor who seems to be the CTO of Facebook.
Either way, a note has to be put on Google +1. Google has launched +1 on several sites yesterday, including Mashable.com and I'm loving it! Certainly a sweet threat made to Facebook. 

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