This Guy Has My MacBook[A tumblr Blog], helps catch a Macbook thief

 Social Networking has a huge influence on the Current society. And here is another story to prove it. Joshua Kaufman, was pissed and angry to know his MacBook was stolen. But then what did he do? He did something clever, he was able to take photos of whoever was using his laptop Remotely- Technology at its Best! With the fury in his blood, he made a Tumblr blog - posting the pictures taken by the MacBook.
 This post had a surge of attention, within no time the Blog had 4,000 Tumblr followers, more than 20,000 Facebook likes and equal number of Tweets! It was spreading like a wild fire.After Kaufman's blog got so much attention, Oakland police investigated and were able to nab the alleged thief within hours of looking into the case. After they learned the man in the blog post photos worked for a cab company, investigators reportedly tricked him into picking them up and arrested him.

 But on a second thought, is this Technology always handy? It can be misused in more than one way and I'm sure atleast a couple of them are in your mind right now.

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