TCS Recruitment Procedure, Surety Verification and Service Agreement

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 Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) has recruited more than 50,000 Freshers this year. And all those freshers would be busy now preparing the Long list of Documents required by TCS. Here is a short description on the Entire process.
  • Recruitment : First and foremost process, the Recruitment. You have many sources for that, either Campus Recruitment of Offcampus. I got through Campus Recruitment held at School of Engineering, CUSAT. The process was a bit different this year. The recruitment was scheduled on Dec 10 and 11, 2010. The process had a Test, and 3 rounds of Interviews. 
    • In advance to the Recruitments process, you will be asked to Register in the Portal,, where you will fill in your details, and take practice Tests.
    • The Test was pretty easy considering that the Questions of a Practice Portal provided by TCS was almost repeated. You can find the questions here - TCS Recruitment Sample Questions. TCS Offered Cusat an additional preference to students above 75% aggregate. These students could skip this Test and go for Direct Interviews.
    • Three rounds of Interviews, the first on Technical, then an HR and an MR. Technical questions varied depending on the Interviewer, basic questions on DBMS, OS, and other core subjects were asked. They had separate panels for different branches as well. The HR interview is simply to test your Communication skill, and MR is a less than 2 minute- No tension interview.
    • After these processes, TCS announced the list of selected students later that day. 250 Students were selected from the Campus.
  •  The Next day itself you will be sent the Offer Letter via mail. TCS will ask you to Accept the Offer letter via and download the file. The Offer Letter contains all the details you need to know about your stay in TCS.
  • After around 2 months(Feb 2011), you will receive a mail to give the preferences for your Job location, you can give in 3 preferences of your choice. TCS offers 90% employees the preferred location.
  • Next you will get a mail to Register for National Skills Registry(NSR). The process is very simple, you have to go to the NSR site, and register in there. While registering you have to give your PAN card, Passport and Academic details. After successful registration you will be asked to pay a Bill of Rs.331, which you can do Online, or via NSR Centres. They will provide you with an Acknowledgement, of which you should take a print out and keep it when you go to the NSR Centre. At the NSR Centre, you have to handover the Form, pasted with you Passport size photo along with you ID Card. Then provide your Fingerprints and Pay the Bill! That't it.
  • Next comes the Tedious job of making up the Agreements and Documents. Once you receive the Offer Letter, via Mail or by Person, you will have to accept it from the Portal and download an Annexure. The Annexure provides all the details regarding what is to be done, but it still can get confusing. Here is a list of documents you need to get ready, and the process of getting those documents.
    • Academic Certificates - 10th, 12th, Provisional Certificate and Marksheets of every Semester of you UG/PG. You need the Original certificates along with a set of Attested Copies.
    • Birth Certificate - TCS insists that 10th or 12th certificates will not suffice. You need to make a Birth certificate as such for this purpose.
    • Passport (Not mandatory)
    • Offer Letter and Joining Letter
    • 12 Passport Size Photographs
    • Date of Birth and other details of the person you would like to nominate for Gratuity, Superannuation, Provident Fund and Health Insurance. (Passport copy of your Parents, or anyone concerned)
    • PAN Card
    • Medical Certificate (The contents are available along with the Annexure, you have to take a print of it and consult a Doctor with Minimum Qualification MBBS.)
    • Service Agreement - Now this is the most important Document. The content of the Document will be provided along with the Annexure, you have to take a print of this agreement on a Rs.100 Stamp paper taken in your name. All you have to do is take a print of the document and go to a Place where such works are done, they will take the print of the first page on the Stamp Paper you will provide and pin the rest along with it. Then make sure you fill the blanks with your Name, and the Surety's. Now who is a Surety? TCS has pointed certain regulation in qualifying for a Surety, preferably Father or Mother.
    • Surety Verification - Surety is provided as you have to agree for a bond of duration 12 months with value Rs.50,000. So inorder to make sure you have Rs.50,000, TCS requires you to provide a sort of Witness for the same. You can do the surety in multiple ways. Either you can make the surety as someone who has Land Property worth Rs.50,000, OR you can put a Fixed Deposit of Rs.50,000 in a bank according to the conditions mentioned in the Annexure. You have to make a Joint deposit with Your account and TCS, and the Surety Verification form should be Signed and Completed by the Bank Manager(Preferably, you have other options too. And make sure its a Nationalized Bank)
    • Affidavit/Notarized Undertaking - This document proves that there are no existing Criminal cases, or Disciplinary case pending in the University. It also verifies the previous Employer and the Release letter of you former Employer(if any). To do this, again the content is available in the Annexure, you need to print it out on a Rs.100 Stamp paper. After taking the print, along with two witnesses, you need to go to a Notary Officer. He will sign and attest the Document, and the witnesses should sign the paper in his presence. He will bill you Rs.200 for this process.
    • Background Verification Check - All you have to do is fill in some details regarding your Previous residences. A Background Check might be done by the agency assigned by TCS on the truthfulness of data provided. You need a separate Document on a Rs.20 Stamp paper if you have Year Gaps. Find the format here - Year Gap Affidavit Format for TCS
  • Make sure you have the Original as well as a Set of Attested Copies of each of the Document above.
And the rest, I'll update it once I get through! And feel free to comment if you have any doubts!

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