Second Day @TCS

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                         First Day @TCS
 After the end of an tiring and awesome day, we set foot to Peepul's park again at 7am. The sessions were scheduled at 8.45 and we had plenty of time to take in breakfast. The sessions again were simply awesome! Awesome personalities and accent make us drop our jaws. Along with talks, we had Video clips regarding Safety and TCS. These sessions made us aware of the functions available at TCS and what we have to do when there is a requirement. In the afternoon we had the PAT test, which is an Objective, Online evaluation of Aspire. This test will be easy, if you have the basics right. If you have gone through Aspire, this is a piece of Cake.
 After the test we were again gathered for our ID distribution, everyone get a Tag, that one should wear inside the Campus. We also got our instructions for dress code. And towards the end of the day, we had our Batch allocations, and locations. We will get to know which batch we belong to, which stream we are going to follow, where our location after ILP would be, and what would be the timings of our batch. The batches are done on 2 shifts, Morning shift from 7am to 1.45pm and afternoon shift from 2.15pm to 9pm. You also get your schedules, along with instructions on which room you should be for the sessions. We had basically four Streams, and were put into it randomly, no choices and no Batch transfers were allowed. Also the Location of joining was 90% according to the choices you had given earlier.

 At the end of day, we came to know how our future would be, which stream we would be pursuing, where we would be pursuing and of course the Time cycle of our life! Looking forward for an awesome future at TCS!

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