Riding in Kochi, and Riding in Mumbai

 Got a chance to take out a Bike on the roads of Mumbai, never thought it would be easy, in fact I'm surprised that it was easy! I'm an amateur biker, learnt riding on my Yamaha Fazer only a year ago. But I've never tried any other bikes, and taking an unknown animal in the roads of Mumbai put a bit of scare in me. It was Bajaj Pulsar 150, and I did not even know how the Gear shift was! Neverthless, it went smooth after a slight rough start. Pulsar and Fazer have totally different dimensions, and handling is totally different.
 I did not ride much, from my Sisters flat near LnT Infotech, to Sakinaka via Marwah Road and then back. But I should say, its no match to the challenge you get at Kochi. The traffic here is kind of Calm, they wait for the vehicles to move, don't blow the air off your ears. In short, if I drive at Kochi right now, only one view would strike my brain. This one -

Ive not been to Kochi yet after that incident, and wonder if it would change the way I ride. Neverthless riding at Mumbai is like you don't have a threat of being killed. But Kochi is different, always a 'Red Bull' would be chasing you with a Horn piercing your Ear bones. I may be wrong on the whole concept, this is just my thoughts after a single ride of less than 10 kms on Mumbai roads. But Kochi is definitely dangerous, its like riding with the thrill of being hit.
Drive Safe, Live Better.

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