Now Google shows you the Ads you wish to see - AdChoices

 Google Adsense is all over Internet, and how many times do you get irritated with those ads? Previously, Google Adsense shows the ads depending on the Site content and Site owners permissions. But now Google has given this choice to the Visitor! Now you can choose what ads to appear on the page you visit. You mightve noted the change in the ads you see in Websites now. Instead of Ads by Google, now you see Adchoices. Try clicking on that, and you will get to a page that explains all about Google Ads and Adwords.
 In that page, on clicking Ads Preferences Manager, you get to chose the ads you wish to see. You can select a variety of Categories, which get stored in your PC as a Cookie.
So begin today! Get awareness of Google Adsense, and chose the ads! Here is a video that explains it in detail.

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