No idea, Get Idea - Good Idea, but Who will Pay?

 With 3 Abhishek Bachan's on the ads of Idea 3g, the quote No Idea, Get Idea is getting popular. Yes, 3G is a treat to the eye, fascinating Internet Speed, Live TV, Video calling and much much more. In short, if you need a summary on how 3G will change your Internet Experience, take a look at the graph below.
 Those stats are real, with a peak speed of 21.1 Mbps, its a dream for Indians to access that pace. The ads of Idea 3G are specific to the point, fast Image uploads[And comments too!], Live TV etc. But have you thought about their Price strategy? This is the basic strategy list-

MRP(in Rs.) Free(in MB)         Beyond Free
105                 100                         10p/10kb
205                 250                         10p/10kb
455                 600                         10p/10kb
655                 1250                       10p/10kb
745                 2048                       10p/10kb
1745               5120                       10p/10kb
Now, that't not cheap, and I admit fast Internet is never cheap. Just trying to shed some light on the Customers who go blind watching the ads. To make the above stats more understandable, I would say to download a Movie, it would cost you Rs.455+. And if you go beyond the free usage, to download a song - more than 50 Rs. Now that's never cheap, I'd say better slow than pay.

 Another highlight of these ads have been Live TV, yes that's very interesting! You can watch your favorite TV shows and Cricket/Football matches live on your Mobile - all you have to Dial is 555110! But how much will it cost? It costs Rs.3/Min. Which means to watch an entire Football match, it would cost you atleast Rs.300. What would your choice be? Watch TV paying the bulk amount, or take a moment to catch the TV next door?
  Ive written down this totally in my perspective, it will be different for others, and those who can afford it - its Heaven! Share your thoughts.

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