Messi to play in Kolkata on September 2nd!

 A dream come true for Indians - Argentina Vs. Venezuela on September 2nd at the Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata. And this dream does not cost much too ! Tickets begin at a Price of Rs.1000 and range to Rs.5000, which I believe would be very less compared to the scorching glamor of the IPL. It is confirmed that Manchester City's star Carlos Tevez along with Barca's Javier Mascherano would be rolling their boots at the Salt Lake.
 CMG has revealed that they will be selling tickets for the Argentina's practice session as well. The team arrives at Kolkata on August 30th and will  be involved in a number of activities

 State Sports Minister Madan Mitra quotes
  "Our cause for concern is: Who is coming and where is he coming? It's regrettable to say that Messi will be playing in a stadium which is in a mess. That's how the Salt Lake Stadium is now. Hopefully we will be able to set the house in order, provide basic amenities to the spectators as well as clean up toilets, dressing rooms and other essential areas of the stadium. It's after all a matter of prestige for all of us,"
And hopefully we will get to witness Magnificence on September 2nd,2011.

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