The Konkan Railways, an Unidentified Magnificence and Engineering Marvel

 I always watch the Programs in Discovery Channel and NGC like Mega Structures and other Engineering Marvels. Those visuals just make my jaw drop, to realise how technology has developed, how Mankind as evolved is very fascinating. But those were just visuals, Ive never seen any of those in real life. But I cam across one such wonder recently, and considering the lack of technology available in these parts of the Country, Im still wondering how this was made.
 Yes, I'm talking about the Konkan Railways. Though Ive traveled in this route before, never had the thought of 'how' risen in my mind. Maybe me being a blogger now has a part to play in planting that seed in my mind. And I'm still wondering how it is made. Konkan Railways stretches from Mangalore to Bombay[via Goa], refer the Image for the exact path. Wondering what's so great in building a railway track 800kms long? Just the fact that the whole path is amidst the worst terrains you'll find in South India, and criss crossed my a dozen rivers. Let me quote a few lines from Wikipedia
 With a total number of over 2,000 bridges and 91 tunnels to be built through this mountainous terrain containing many rivers, the project was the biggest and perhaps most difficult railway undertaking during this century, at least in this part of the world.
 After making the journey, I'm wondering how those tunnels were made. I would not be surprised if it was created in some western country. It's a part of India which is, I should say a bit inaccessible for Technology. Those tunnels stretch 5 to 7 kms, and its not one or two, as mentioned above about 91tunnel. With the Konkan opening in 1998, I seriously wish some Documentary was made on how the Konkan was made a reality. It might be that Ive never noticed one, if there exists one, please share the same below.

 I'm pondering over the Internet on information about Konkan Railways, proud to be a Blogger for the moment! Pretty sure being a Blogger made me think so deep into it!

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