How many friends do you have on Facebook? But your Brain can only hold 150!

  Ha! Once I boasted of having 1000 friends, but now I realise, I know less than half of them. And here is another piece of interesting information, Robin Dunbar, a Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford claims that his studies reveal the Human Brain can only handle meaningful relationships with about 150 people. And I should say its true!
  150 - a number which will be henceforth known and Dunbar's Number, is believed to be the number at which a group of people functions the best, according to Dunbar. And its true in every aspect, smaller groups tend to experience closer bonds, and affection. On Facebook, Ive been on both Huge and Small groups and I should say, even in Huge groups a very few were close to me- and those meant the Group to me.

"Relationships involved across very big units then become very casual — and don't have that deep meaning and sense of obligation and reciprocity that you have with your close friends," Dunbar says.
He adds "Friends, if you don't see them, will gradually cease to be interested in you,"
Source : and thanks to Nisham PK for sharing it.

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