How Blogging changes the way you think - Internet has its own Life Cycle

 September 2010, if you ask me "Are you a Blogger?", I'd retort - "What does that mean?".
 But if you ask me the Question today, I'd reply - "Yes, in and Out!"
 So what is Blogging? Let me explain it with an Internet Cycle. 
  • - In the beginning when you get into the world of Internet[nowadays, your entry will be on Facebook or Orkut], the first thing your thrive for is an Identity. You make up tons of friends, chat with many, Poke other, play games etc. Your mission would be to either make Maximum number of friends, or maximum number of scraps, or Rule the leaderboard. This I would put up as the First stage of the Lifecycle, which also includes getting familiar with the new world.
  • - The next stage, you crave for attention. You start putting up interesting Status Updates, and wish to be Liked more. You start going to other forums, get involved in them, and cherish being popular. A few get diverged to another world of Freebie sites, once you get into those, your aim would be to Win the Best Prize!, and ofcourse to impress the Website owners. 
  • - Then your thoughts would change from Freebies to more interesting Technology stuff. Internet will become your personal Library where you gain Knowledge, and in this stage, you would like to share it as well. That's when Blogging comes into the Prowl. A Blog is simply a Website, where you can post your thoughts for others to read. Thoughts can be anything - Personal Experiences, Tutorials, Technology, Internet, Gossips - Anything in the Universe. So in this stage you start Blogging!
  • - Next you will unfold the horizon of your Blogging experience to unexplored realms. That's when you get Bigger and Better! And I believe I belong to this stage. Trying every bit to make something new of my Blog, and exploring the never-ending world to make and share content.
Now coming back to the title, how does Blogging change you? I will put forth a simple example -
  Sometime last year I had made a journey in Train via Konkan Railways, it was plain and boring. Wondering what a Journey has to do with Blogging? If you have noticed, I had made a recent post on Konkan Railways. The thoughts Ive jotted down there are something that never came upto my mind when I made the journey previously. In fact being a Blogger you Explore the Unexplored, trying to get into depth of things you never notice. If I see a new Mobile on prowl, I get to know more about it the next moment. And more importantly, this thirst of making and sharing content, keeps you upto date on Technology[If you are a Tech Blogger], or the niche you concentrate on. You never realise these things unless you get through it - Give a Try, and be the BEST