Girls not ready for Love Marriage till 21 - Karnataka High Court

 The Karnataka High Court has proposed to amend the law of Age limit on Girls for marriage. The HC has proposed to keep an Age limit of 18 for arranged marriages and 21 for Love marriages. Which I believe is a very positive move to make. I should say there are thousands falling in the blind mist of love at an early age and ruining their life with a wrong partner at an age of 18.
   "In our opinion, the girls below the age of 21 years are not capable of forming a rational judgment as to the suitability of the boy, with whom they are in love. It is relevant to mention that those girls, who are suffering from hormonal imbalance easily fall prey to the boys and fall in love, marry and repent at leisure,” the judges quote in an order.
   "Since the Hindu Marriage Act does not deal with love marriages, in our view, it is high time that the Parliament take note of the sufferings of such girls and their parents and amend the law suitably,” the judges said.

  Your thoughts? I'd love to hear from girls of the same age on how you feel on getting married, and what the right age would be.

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