Former Google CEO admits he did not take Facebook as a Threat

  ``I screwed up,'' these words came from the former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt. And wonder why? He admits that he and other managers didn't do enough to challenge Facebook. They never thought Facebook would be such a huge hit, it was Google Win Win situation all over Internet a few years back. But now their Supremacy in Internet is being Questioned. Facebook is being the next big thing on Internet, and Microsoft are brining up innovative ideas along with Facebook as well.

  Eric admits he should have emphasized the need for Google to develop more ways to connect friends and family online the way Facebook does on its online social network, four years ago. Well, I have only two words for Eric - "Too Late". In the world of Internet, you ought to take decisions before anyone else does, else you lose. And in this rapid growing environment, the winner takes it all! Cheers to Facebook on the success, but the crown won't be owned by them always. With Larry Page taking up the role of Google CEO, his top Priority is social networking! So let's wait and see what Google has to offer.

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