First week @TCS

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                          First Day @TCS
                          Second Day @TCS
 Phew! Its been a week at TCS, and I should say I enjoyed every bit @TCS. My career's first few days ought to be important to me, and I'm very glad that it went the best way it could. I'm pretty sure I'm already trying to develop the Values shared to us at TCS, and definitely improving on my Technical counterpart too.
 On Monday we had the General shift, i.e 8am to 6.30pm, it was the last day in which I could be at TCS with most of my friends[as I was put into the afternoon shift]. Most of us have a thought that Life at TCS can be hectic, but I should say I've enjoyed and still enjoying every moment of it. We had certain induction sessions, and Personality improvement sessions[Called BizS(Bis-skills) sessions], and an intro to what we will be doing in the 60 days of ILP. We came to know that there was a change in the ILP curriculum from our batch onwards, which was an exciting news to most of us. I should say, the Faculties at TCS ILP are very friendly and resourceful - make use of them.

 So next day onwards, I was on afternoon shift, 2.15pm to 9pm. Bus comes to pick us at 12.15pm, and we have more than an hour to take lunch. Getting back to the sessions is a treat, and I should say each one of us have improved somehow in their personality. The Technical sessions began later, where we had a few intro sessions and then we were introduced to the Lab. We had net connectivity(with most popular domains blocked), but with Google, life as a Software Engineer becomes easy.
 We had to complete the pending document works, and do the Official formalities during breaks(including NSR). Coming to the sessions, we have 4 sessions a day, with a break in between every session. In short, the first week is basically for the Associates who are not familiar to computers. To CS Associates, its a wonderful chance to revise the basics. You can use the Labs whenever you need, and take the help of Faculties whenever available. Also the best part of ILP is that they make you talk, interact, present and groom yourself to the Corporate Space. And to make it even better, you'll be getting personal feedback on the way you talk, present and suggestions for improvement. All in all, its a great Career booster, and I'm glad to be on track.

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