First Day @TCS

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 And the Sun rises on us, with a whole new career up ahead, looking bright and vibrant. All of us got ready early, the Bus was expected to arrive at 7am. All of us looked well groomed, and professional - a surprising new trend for us. A few of us had a Tie, but not many. But as the bus arrived, it started to rain cats and dogs. We had to share umbrellas to get to the bus. And surprisingly 5 minutes later, we had the bright sunshine back. Sadly, we missed a student back in the lodge of being late, and hopefully none will get into that situation.
 After a 40 minutes drive, we reached the Peepul's Park. We were allowed to enter the building after providing the Joining letter at the gate. Our bags had to go through an X-ray scanner and ANY electronic items(including Pen Drives) was not allowed inside. After getting into the campus, we were seated in a Hall, which had close to 260 new aspirants seated. It took sometime for everyone to be seated, and then our HR came forward and took a head count. We were allowed to have breakfast then, which I should say was AWESOME! Cheap and Healthy food was available in the Canteen - and of course the highlight was FREE Tea and Coffee! After Breakfast we had a few introductory sessions by fascinating people at TCS.

 After a couple of sessions, we had to move into batches to different rooms for Document verification. All the Original Certificates and Service Agreement was thoroughly scrutinized and any fault in this would lead in a delayed admission to TCS[That is, you will be asked to join in the Next ILP Batch].
 It had a few tensed and anxious moments, but if you have all the documents, you have nothing to worry. I cleared the verification quick, and then we had a few more sessions on the formalities and the portals we need to register once we were officially an Employee. We were also given certain documents to be filled in and submitted next day along with the Attested copies of the certificates.
 The next session was for opening a Bank account, all of us were given a form and perfect instructions on how to fill it. You need to provide a Photo and ID proof for this, and you will be given an account number, ATM card, Passbook and cheque book.
 This marked the end of Day 1 - in short Day 1 summarizes to Document verification, Bank Accounts and an Introduction. But this process takes real long - 8am to 7pm. But finally it was the end of our First Day at TCS, tired, but certainly proud and excited, we reached back to our lodge, looking forward to the next day.
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